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CCCEP program expiry:July 14, 2015

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What is a CODA EducatorCODA Educators are health promoters with various academic backgrounds who share a passion and dedication to prevent drug abuse through education.

CODA looks forward to expanding its pool of Educators across Ontario and beyond. With the creation of new programs like the Youth Advisory Council and the Prescription/Over the Counter drug abuse program, CODA is developing a new and up-to-date curriculum, providing training on CODA’s new programs and current offerings.

In support of the development of a national Youth Advisory Council and new programs, CODA’s long term goal is to recruit new CODA educators nationwide. Our total educator pool would expand to 104 covering all administrative regions across Canada.

What does a CODA Educator do?Each CODA Educator is assigned an administrative region, their region of residence, to deliver CODA programs. As a best practice for program delivery and effective messaging to youth, and since drug abuse is a regional phenomenon, CODA Educators deliver programs in their respective regions of residence since they are most familiar with the face of drug abuse in their areas, issues and concerns of the communities and how to address them. This is truly a grassroots solution to a grassroots problem.

As schools or community groups request CODA assistance in preventing drug abuse in their schools, or communities, CODA coordinates a program schedule with its area designated Educator and facilitates the delivery of the required programs. CODA Educators then work in the schools on the pre-determined schedule and deliver the program sessions in-class, working directly and interactively with the students. In addition, and as is often requested, CODA Educators also conduct sessions for parents and teachers.

As our frontline experts, CODA Educators also act as advisors to the CODA management and staff team, ensuring that CODA stays at the forefront of preventive drug abuse education.

Why Becoe a CODA Educator?As a non-profit charity organization, CODA strives hard to secure the funds necessary to recruit and train its educators. In addition to the rewards of making a valuable contribution to their communities and helping prevent drug abuse in their schools, homes and regions, building safe communities and healthy life for Ontarians, CODA remunerates its educators with a small honorarium for their program delivery, and covers all related out-of-pocket expenses.

With a national mandate to provide preventive drug abuse education to youth in grades 7, 8 & 9, along with those affecting youth (teachers, parents, other adults and health professionals), CODA is expanding its program delivery beyond Ontario. Educators not only have the opportunity to be an active force in the fight against drug abuse, but also to engage in professional forums and workshops and develop themselves and their knowledge of the field of drug abuse as they represent CODA.

How can I become a CODA Educator?This year, CODA will be holding interactive training sessions in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax. Once the dates and location for each of those cities are confirmed, CODA will announce a call for applicants. To attend the an interactive training session in your area, you will be asked to submit a completed application form along with the completion of the online curriculum. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a full day of professional training sessions and workshops. Selected potential CODA educators will then be shortlisted for a hiring interview process. For more information about becoming a CODA Educator, please contact the CODA offices at or 416-763-1491

Interested in joining the CODA Educator team? Click Here for more information.

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